Listing Input Best Practice: Upload Supplemental Documents Now to Save Time Later

When you take time to upload your supplemental documents during listing input, the buyer’s agent and appraisers will have the documents when they need them. This best practice could save you time and energy at a critical point in the transaction. 

Supplemental Documents

You can include Word and PDF documents, contracts and forms saved from your document manager, or customized branded brochures for your specific listings if they are not larger than 10MB file size. You can also designate a ‘type’ of supplement using suggested labels such as a Green Disclosure, Lead-Based Paint Disclosure, or Rental Application.

Get Started

It’s easy to do. This how-to guide will help: Add Supplements to a Listing 

Remember, supplemental documents are only available to Matrix subscribers. In other words, they are not public-facing documents. They are not linked to the Client Portal, nor are they accessible from