­­­Best Practice: Scheduling Showings for Home Inspectors and Appraisers

Key points:

• When you’re scheduling a home inspection or appraisal for your buyer client, best practice is to schedule a showing and accompany the inspector on the property.
• Showings, including for home inspections, must be scheduled broker to broker.
• This protects you, your buyer, the seller, and the property.

A home inspection is a standard step in a real estate transaction, giving buyers an opportunity to learn more about the property. For the safety of all parties involved, it is best practice for the buyer’s agent to schedule and attend an inspector showing.

Scheduling Showings for Home Inspectors

All showings must be scheduled broker to broker. One-day codes can only be issued to licensed real estate professionals and should not be issued directly to inspectors.

To schedule a home inspection, the buyer’s agent should request a showing on behalf of the home inspector. Details about property access, including lockbox codes, will only be sent to the licensed real estate agent who requested the showing. The buyer’s agent can then accompany the inspector to the property for the showing. This keeps access to the home secure.

Scheduling Showings for Appraisals

Licensed appraisers who subscribe to REcolorado have the option to schedule showings directly through REcolorado Showing Management, powered by BrokerBay. Buyer’s agents may also request showings on behalf of appraisers. If you are working with an appraiser who is out of area or not an REcolorado subscriber, you should request the showing on their behalf.

Complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center

To request a showing on a BrokerBay listing, simply call 888.808.0331! Showing details, including lockbox codes, will never be provided over the phone for security and safety. The BrokerBay Scheduling Center can resend access details to the requesting broker’s email address.

Pro Tip: Add this number to your phone contacts!