The Benefits of Entering Listings Directly in REcolorado Matrix

REcolorado Matrix is the MLS system used by REcolorado’s more than 25,000 subscribers. With the IRES data exchange, it includes more than 85% of the state’s listings. It is certified for national Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) at its core so you can rely on it for the most accurate and complete listings for your clients, data feeds, reports, and more. It also has local customizations with fields specific for Colorado listings. REcolorado works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure Matrix is built to serve Colorado real estate professionals and their clients.

Entering your listings directly into REcolorado Matrix will bring you many benefits: 

More Access

Access to more than 85% of the state’s listings that can be shared with clients in Client Collaboration Portals and Auto Emails, displayed on IDX websites, and used in reports including CMAs and market stats.

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse Prospecting lets you directly message brokers who have serious buyers with a search with criteria that matches your listing. This can NOT be done for listings shared through data exchange. This can only be done for listing entered directly into REcolorado Matrix.

Client Collaboration Portal 

The REcolorado Matrix client Collaboration Portal is easy to use, giving you one comprehensive place to interact seamlessly with your clients. Plus, great updates to the portal will be coming soon. Using the Collaboration Portal:

  • You can send Current and Future listing matches, both those entered in Matrix and those available through data exchange, to your customer in one step. These listings remain in the portal without expiring.
  • Your clients can run their own searches in the portal and you can get text and email alerts when your clients are active in their portal.
  • Your clients can directly access their listings, in one click, from emails

Realist is within REcolorado Matrix

REcolorado Matrix users do not need to access Realist separately to get tax information. It’s all available within Matrix giving you the ability to include it in Collaboration Portals for your clients, print labels, and more. Plus, to streamline listing entry, you can use Fill from Realist. You can still access the Realist platform if you need it. Plus, an updated version of Realist, coming later this year, will bring even more functionality and ease of use – stay tuned!

Streamlined Listing Entry

In addition to using Fill from Realist to help you quickly and accurately enter a listing, REcolorado Matrix has dynamic listing input, which makes the appropriate fields appear for your listing based on your previous selections. You will save time because you know you are only entering fields that apply to your listing.  The Validate button clearly identifies all required fields, adding even more convenience.

Matrix Market Stats

Matrix has built-in market stats functionality that lets you run stats and produce charts according to criteria you set. The market stats you run can include IRES data.

Personal Branding

REcolorado Matrix and the REcolorado App make it easy to add your personal branding. Additionally, you can add branding to your Client Collaboration Portal, CMAs, Reports,, and more.


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REcolorado offers listing-level syndication so you can control where your seller’s listing appears.


Access the tools you need straight from REcolorado Matrix – set showings, start a contract, and more.