Avoid Fatal Listing Errors: Slow Down to Speed Up

When entering and editing listings in the REcolorado Matrix MLS system, it’s worth taking an extra moment to double check your work before clicking “submit.” By slowing down, you can avoid fatal listing errors and save time overall.

If you make a mistake, our Customer Care team is available to help! However, some listing errors cannot be corrected and can have dramatic effects. Slow down to speed up and avoid these fatal listing errors.

Wrong Property Type

REcolorado Matrix MLS uses dynamic listing input to save you time by displaying only fields relevant to your listing. The listing input form you complete is based on your answers to the few fields on the “Getting Started” tab, the most important fields during listing input.

Slow down as you start a new listing to make sure the selections on the first tab are correct – you can’t go back once you submit, and you’d have to start over.

Pro Tip: Not sure which property type to select? Review our Dictionary of Property Types

Price Change Errors

When looking at the price of a home, just one “0” makes a big difference! Take a second look at your original list price before clicking submit. Original list price cannot be changed once you’ve submitted your listing. No one wants a “PRICE INCREASE” banner on their brand-new listing!

The same is true for price adjustments and closing price. If you miss one digit, that can dramatically skew listing history, market stats, and more.

Slow down and take a close look at the price to ensure there are no typos, missing or extra numbers, and avoid the time-consuming hassle of correcting an avoidable mistake.

Status Change Errors

Listing history, including status changes, is hard coded and cannot be adjusted. Before you change the status of your listing, slow down and ensure you’ve selected the correct status, and the correct listing.

Pro Tip: Always check your Listing ID. If you have multiple listings, make sure you’ve selected the correct Listing ID before making any changes. A wrong click could cause a home to show as unavailable, losing valuable marketing time and skewing the data for your clients. 

Made an Error? Customer Care is here to help!

REcolorado Customer Care is available to help. If you make an error on your listing, we may be able to help correct the listing to ensure accurate data is available for you and your fellow brokers. Reach us Monday through Saturday at support@REcolorado.com or 303.850.9576, option 1.