3 Solid Ways to Ask Clients For Reviews

Although it may seem uncomfortable at first to ask a client to leave an online review, it’s a key part of your business strategy. The more you do it, the more natural it’ll seem. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Key In On Review Opportunities

Key In On Opportunities

You don’t need to wait until closing to ask for a review, especially if you’re a new agent. Opportunities abound. Let’s say a lead just came in. You answered your phone right away, you were responsive in your communications, and the client notices that. They say, “Wow! I couldn’t get this other agent to answer my call.” That’s an opportunity. Send your client a link to one of your review sites and politely mention you’d appreciate it if they could take a minute to write that comment down publicly.


Give Clients Real Estate Review IdeasMake It Easy, Give Review Examples

Everyone knows what they want to say when they leave a bad review. “This was terrible, this was terrible, and THIS was terrible.” It’s harder to leave a positive review and often people don’t know where to start. Offer examples to streamline the process. Think back on the times you could tell your client was pleased with your work. Was there a point when they were appreciative of something you pointed out during a home showing? Did you send them neighborhood information that helped them narrow down their search? With your review request, include some specific examples you remember from their search process that might get them headed in the correct direction.


Be Persistent When Asking ReviewsBe Persistent

Don’t stop at one attempt. If you see a client hasn’t yet left you a review, politely ask them again. A good opportunity might be after something significant happens in their home search, namely an accepted offer. Your email might say something like, “Congratulations! Your offer was just accepted. Over the next few weeks, I’ll help guide you through the closing process. At any point between now and closing, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute to leave a review.” Then, include a link and, of course, a couple of examples. If they don’t take the opportunity by closing day, politely ask again directly after closing.