Why You Should Always Double Check Your List Price During Input

Typos are common. We get on a roll entering listing information during input and accidentally leave off or transpose a letter. We submit the listing none the wiser. If the error is in the remarks section, it’s an easy fix. But a transposed digit on a list price…eh, not so much. 

Here’s why it’s always important to double check your list price before you submit a listing. 

Erasing history is impossible. 

Once you submit your listing with a price error, the price stays in the listing history. You can change the price to what it’s supposed to be, but you can’t erase the history.

Listing history affects market statistics. 

Changing a listing’s price in the MLS is recorded as a price increase or decrease. So, if you change the price because of an earlier error, the system still registers that as a price increase or decrease. Thus, it affects market statistics across several different platforms that pull data from the MLS. 

It’s always a good idea to save a little time at the end of your listing input process to review your work before submitting. You can also save your listing in ‘incoming’ status and come back to finish and review your work at your convenience. For additional help on listing input, check out this article: 5 Handy Listing Input Tips.

If you discover you’ve made a list price error, be sure to immediately contact Customer Care. They’ll walk you through what to do next.

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