Using “Also Marketed As” to get More Visibility for your Listings

Also Marketed As is a field that will allow a listing entered in the correct Property Type to appear in searches for other selected Property Types without having to enter a duplicate listing. This eliminates the need to enter a listing as more than one Property Type.

Attract More Buyers with Also Marketed As

You can add information to the Also Marketed As field on the Marketing tab in Listing Input. Simply select the Property Types you would like to include for your listing.

Here’s an example of how a broker might use Also Marketed As to attract more buyers for their listing.

home shack also marketed as land

If you are listing a single-family home for sale, the correct Property Type is Residential. However, what if the home is in bad shape and should be torn down? A buyer could scrape the structure and keep the value of the land. In this case, you can select Land under Also Marketed As. Because there is a structure, the true property type is Residential, but because the value of the property is in the land, you may choose to also market the listing under the Land Property Type.

If a listing is entered in the Residential Property Type and Land is selected in the Also Marketed As field, the listing will appear in search results for both Residential or Land property types when using the Also Marketed As search form (described below).

Here’s another example: a single-family house with an accessory dwelling for sale. Because the primary structure is a house, it belongs under the Residential property type. However, a person could rent out the accessory dwelling as a separate living space. Include Residential Income under Also Marketed As so the listing appears in search results for buyers interested in other options.

Searching for Also Marketed As Listings

As a buyer’s agent, you can use the Also Marketed As field to find other properties that your buyer might consider. This can be helpful when inventory is limited or when a buyer is open to a variety of properties.

For example, let’s say you have a buyer who wants an income-producing property. You’d start by setting up a Residential Income search, which would show listings that have 2-4 units for sale. Your buyer also said they would consider homes with accessory dwelling units. In this case, you can use the Also Marketed As field to find additional results under the Residential Property Type.

Cross Property Search Also Marketed As REcolorado Matrix

Start by using the Also Marketed As Cross Property search form. From the menu bar, hover over Search, then Cross Property Search, and select Also Marketed As.

Cross Property Searches delivers listings from every Property type in Matrix, so you’ll have a broad set of results.

Under “Also Marketed As Type,” select the appropriate Property Types. Click once to see a green check mark and include the Property type. Click twice to see a red X and exclude the Property Type. Select “And” or “Or” to determine how to handle multiple selections. Using “Or” will give you the broadest set of results.

Also Marketed As Type field REcolorado Matrix

Add your search criteria, including a map area, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, and other fields as appropriate. When searching across multiple property types, use criteria that is broadly applicable. Include criteria that apply to every property type you’re interested in seeing. For example, if you select Land in the Also Marketed As search, but also include bedrooms in your criteria, you won’t see any true Land listings because that field isn’t included in the input form for Land listings.

Watch the results count in the bottom left corner for an estimate of the number of listings that match your criteria. Adjust your search criteria as needed until you’ve found the highest and best results for your client.

REcolorado Matrix search results count menu