How to Navigate a Sight-Unseen Offer

Sight-unseen offers are increasing, perhaps due to the number of people moving to the area from out of state. You may not have navigated the process yet, but when you do, here are some tips:

Complete an in-depth interview with the potential buyer. This will give you a good sense of their specific wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

You’re able to view the property in person, so make sure you get the lay of the land. Is there road noise? Are the neighborhood vehicle traffic and foot traffic heavier at certain times of the day? Are the homes and yards well kept? Your client may not think to ask these questions so it’s important you provide them with the information.

Take high-quality videos of the property or offer to use Facebook, Google Hangouts or Skype. The technology in place today makes navigating sight-unseen offers easier than ever before, but you may need to change up your walk-through presentation style a bit and be ready to give more detail than you may normally give at an in-person walk-through.

Send a floor plan. A floor plan can give your client a good sense of the property prior to the remote walk-through, and they may want to use it as a guide during the walk-through, as well.

Go to bat for your client. There is a stigma associated with sight-unseen purchasers; a seller’s agent might think your client isn’t a good candidate because they haven’t seen the home in person. Make sure you inform the seller’s agent of the steps you and your client took to become familiar with the property (video walk-through, floor plan, etc.).