Add Showing Instructions in BrokerBay

When you use REcolorado Showing Management powered by BrokerBay, you have options to customize your showing settings. Watch this video to see how you can add showing instructions and configure your listings.

Remember, showing instructions for your listings should be configured prior to your launch date if you’re transitioning, or prior to Active status if you’re a current user.

From the BrokerBay Showing configuration page, you can:

  • Choose the maximum showing duration and whether you want to allow overlapping showings
  • Determine how showing requests are approved, including auto-confirm for “go and show”
  • Add lockbox details and instructions for showing agents
  • Set listing contacts and permissions, including who can approve showing requests
  • Add showing availability and restrictions for seamless showing scheduling

Go and Show for All Showings

In some cases, like when the property is vacant or unoccupied, you may want to set up go and show for all showings. In this case, set your showing approvals to Auto-Confirm. When a broker requests a showing on the property, they will automatically receive confirmation in the BrokerBay web app and by email.

The default option under “Who should approve showings?” is Seller / Contacts to Confirm. To enable go and show, select Auto-Confirm All Showings.

Pro Tip: If you write “Go and show” in showing instructions but do not select auto-confirm, you will be required to approve each showing request before property access information will be sent.

BrokerBay Showing Settings Auto Confirm All Appointments Go and Show

Go and Show for Specific Hours

If there is a certain time frame when the house is available for go and show, like when the owners are at work, you can customize your showing settings to automatically confirm showings within certain hours and require confirmation for showings outside of those hours.

Use the Showing Availability/Restrictions section to customize these options. Time slots are available for every half hour, every day of the week. You can program each time slot to Restricted, Available, or Auto Confirm.

  • Restricted (Red) – No one can book showings during these times.
  • Available (White) – Requested showings in these time slots must be confirmed by the listing broker or seller.
  • Auto Confirm (Green) – Go and show! Showings during these time slots are automatically confirmed.
BrokerBay Showing Availability Restrictions Daily Calendar

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