Add-On BrokerBay Showing Concierge

Key Points:

• BrokerBay support and scheduling center is available at no additional cost
• A BrokerBay full-service concierge can be purchased by offices or individual brokers through BrokerBay
• BrokerBay is the showing service that is provided by REcolorado as part of an REcolorado subscription

REcolorado’s showing management service, powered by BrokerBay, gives you a powerful showing ecosystem included with your REcolorado subscription! REcolorado customers have access to all the services available through BrokerBay’s web platform and app, as well as the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center, which allows any broker to call a phone number to schedule, reschedule, and cancel showing appointments. This powerful showing management ecosystem is included with your REcolorado subscription at no additional cost!

Brokers and offices that wish to have additional support can purchase the add-on Full-Service Showing Management Center from BrokerBay for an additional fee.

What Do I Get with the Add-On BrokerBay Concierge?

In addition to the complimentary services mentioned above, the full-service showing management center option acts as a concierge to notify you and your clients of showing request and manage approvals of showings by phone. Full-Service Showing Management Center representatives will call your clients for you when a showing request is received and talk through the approval process for each showing.

This service might be useful if you have a client who is not comfortable with email or web technology. These clients may prefer a phone call. As a busy real estate professional, you may not have time to manage the time-intensive hands-on service to call your client for every showing request.

That’s when the BrokerBay Concierge may come in handy. A BrokerBay representative will handle the outgoing calls to your clients, help them keep track of showing requests, and approve showings all over the phone.

Do I Need This Service?

Remember, you can manage showings through the BrokerBay web platform, app, and complimentary Scheduling Center for no additional cost as part of your REcolorado subscription. That includes:

  • BrokerBay Web Platform and Mobile App – This includes all of the features listed on the REcolorado Showing Management overview flyer.
  • Seller’s Dashboard – Your sellers have access to their own dashboard on the BrokerBay web platform and can receive showing notifications by email or SMS.
  • Complimentary Scheduling Center – Any broker can call the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center to schedule, change, or cancel a showing through BrokerBay. Simply call 888.808.0331.
  • BrokerBay Help Desk – If you have questions along the way, contact the complimentary BrokerBay Help Desk at for fast and friendly support.

The only element not included as part of your REcolorado subscription is the BrokerBay Concierge service, which manages outgoing calls to your clients for you.

Pro Tip: When you configure showing settings for your listings in BrokerBay, you can choose how to confirm showings: seller approval, listing agent confirmation, or auto-confirm. Learn more>>  

How Much Does the Add-On BrokerBay Concierge Cost?

If you wish to enhance your BrokerBay showing management ecosystem with the addition of the full-service showing management center, you can do so at the office level or as an individual broker.

Managing Brokers may add-on the BrokerBay Concierge for the entire office for $6.75 per active listing per month.

Individual brokers can add-on the BrokerBay Concierge for a flat fee of $15 per month. *If your office signs up for the full-service option, you do not pay a monthly fee.

Sign up through your BrokerBay account or email

When can I reach BrokerBay support?

The complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center, complimentary BrokerBay email support, and add-on BrokerBay Showing Concierge are available 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends.