Accessing RatePlug is Now Easier Than Ever Before

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Matrix Integration,” but you might not actually know what it means. Don’t worry; we have you covered. We explain it all in this article: What Is a Matrix Integration?

RatePlug is a tool integrated with Matrix that lets you provide your clients property-specific, current mortgage information. Even better, the product comes with your MLS subscription, so it’s available to you at no additional cost!

To sign up for RatePlug, click the Mortgage Info icon on any listing in Matrix or click here. Then, click the link on the demo page or call 877.710.0808.

RatePlug Icon

Once you’ve signed up, simply choose your lending partners and give your clients access to current mortgage information, including potential FHA, USDA, and VA eligibility. You can also create a co-branded property flyer for an open house that includes customized financing options, and you can post your listings on social media along with the mortgage affordability info.

And finally, access RatePlug with one click from your CONNECT dashboard. You’ll bypass the login screen and be taken directly to your agent account!

RatePlug Icon Dashboard