8 Best Practices and Tips for Entering a New Listing

Looking for a check list to make sure your listing is perfect and ready to go before you make it active?  Well, here it is!

Use these tips and tricks to help make adding a new listing easier:

1. Pick the right Property Type from the start – Detached and Attached are not interchangeable or easily switched if the wrong selection is made. Actually, none of the Property types are interchangeable. If the wrong type is selected at the start you will have to begin again from the start to correct the error.

Add New Listings REcolorado MLS

2. Use Fill From Realist so that the address, legal description and taxes auto fill.

TIP: Only use 3 specific fields on the Fill From Realist search menu. Keep it simple to help guarantee your property is found in the property search and the system works easily.

1. County

2. Street Number

3. Street Name

Add New Cross Property Listing

3. Double check the Square Footage Companion to confirm which square footage fields to use for your property’s style and type. Here is a link to one of our favorite and convenient reference documents from the Matrix Help Tab, Listing Input section.

4. To maximize your listings’ “searchability”, pretend that every field is required, not only the ones with the asterisk *.

TIP: Unless the field really does not pertain to your listing, always add information so that the buyers and their brokers can know how great your listing is.  If you don’t tell them, and make the information easy to find, they might miss it!

5. Submit is the same as Save while the listing is in Incoming status.  Make sure to submit/save every couple of sections or tabs so that your work is never lost.


– Incoming status listings that have not been updated in the past 30 days are automatically removed from the system.
– Submit the Incoming status listing again to reset this date.

6. Don’t ever use the Internet Browser Back Arrow while working in Matrix Listing Input.

back button browser on REcolorado.com

7. Make your listing perfect and ready for the public to view it before you make it Active.



– Add at least one photo, if not up to 35 and arrange them in your preferred order
– Add a virtual tour if you have one or more
– Add PDF or Word documents, supplements and attachments.  You can add disclosures, additional marketing information, plat maps, or anything that will help the buyer’s agent and facilitate a fast contract.

8. Send your listing’s PDF report to an associate, or the sellers, to review before you make it Active.

Tips: Typos are too easy to make, especially if you are doing your listing entry in the evening after a long day. Ask someone else to review the listing to make sure everything looks good before you make it Active and ‘public’.  What’s that saying, “an extra set of eyes never hurts”? Let someone else look at your listing and confirm the price and all the important details are correct.

– To share the Incoming status listing you must print or email using the Print Menu in Matrix.
– When sending the PDF report of the listing you can include the photos and even map location to be thorough and have documents for your files if needed.

For more assistance and information about Listing Input in Matrix, please contact our Customer Care Team at 303.850.9576, option 1.  We are always happy to help you perfect your listings and make sure they look great.

You can also view many Help Guides, How To documents, and videos in the Matrix Help Tab, Listing Input section.