Tips for Adding a New MLS Listing

Keep these six tips handy when adding a new listing to Matrix MLS. You’ll likely decrease the time it takes to add your information, and you’ll increase the likelihood that your listing details are accurate. If you need assistance with adding a new listing, feel free to contact REcolorado Customer Care at 303.850.9576 or They’re happy to help!

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Check and double check the Property Type

Property Types

Our Dictionary of Property Types can help you choose the correct category. If you find you’ve chosen an incorrect Property Type, contact Customer Care. They’ll help you out, and give you some information on the ‘Fill From Existing Listing’ option.


Know the difference between Incoming and Active before you start

When your listing is in Incoming status, the ‘Submit Listing’ button will save your work so you can edit it later, but it does not make your listing public. If your listing is set to Active status, the ‘Submit Listing’ button will make the listing public in the MLS for all to see. For reference, our ABCs of Matrix Statuses will help you keep your Matrix statuses straight.

The ability to work in Incoming status is one of the many benefits of Matrix! In fact, our Customer Care team recommends you work in Incoming status because you can enter listing details at your own pace. Then, when you’re ready to go public, simply switch the status of your listing to Active.

Fill From Realist Add New Listing
Fill From Realist

Use ‘Fill From Realist’

The ‘Fill From Realist’ option (see picture) is another great benefit of Matrix. It saves you loads of time by automatically pulling in the address, legal description, and tax information for your listing. This also helps to ensure your listing details are accurate.

Pro Tip: If you get an error on one of the schools when submitting the listing, try using the drop-down option to select the correct school name from the alphabetical list.


Fill in every applicable field

The more information you give, the better. Filling in all applicable fields ensures your listing is found by other brokers who use REcolorado Matrix, by clients who search for listings through the Client Portal, and by anyone who searches for a home on

Remember, if your listing can’t be found, it can’t be sold. This is also the name of a popular REcolorado class that you can take for 2 continuing education (CE) credits. Or, if you’ve already taken it, take it again as a refresher! We’d be glad to have you. Click the link below to view all upcoming classes.

Matrix: If It Can’t Be Found, It Can’t Be Sold >>

Set Lat/Long
Map Layers and Locate Button

Use all your map tools

An accurate map location for your listing ensures it can be found in searches. When you click “Set Lat/Long,” (see picture) use the additional tools and Map Layers (see picture) located on the map to easily find the property (i.e. Layers > Parcel Characteristics > Address). You can click on any parcel to see the address and owner information, and use the auto zoom feature by typing in the address and using the Locate button (see picture).


Know the style of your home

If you’re getting an error on square footage, but your math seems to add up, make sure you check the ‘Building’ tab for the style of new listing you’re entering. For more information on square footage, check out the REcolorado Square Footage Companion.

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