5 Things You Should Do During the Slow Season

You may find the market is starting to slow a bit. Take a minute to catch your breath; you deserve it! But as some would say, “There ain’t no rest for the wicked.” Here are five things you can do over the next few months to prepare for next year.

Take classes, view webinars or attend a conference 

Take some time to brush up on your MLS knowledge and further your education. From your CONNECT tab, click on the class schedule to register for an REcolorado Matrix MLS class or two. Or, perhaps you’re looking to better understand how you can use Matrix, InfoSparks and FastStats to quickly pull market stats. If that’s the case, check out our Market Intel class.   

We also offer live webinars every Friday at noon. You don’t need to be in the Denver metro market to tune in. Join from wherever you are as we pass along quick tips and tricks on how to navigate our core products and services. If you’re unable to attend a webinar, they’re recorded monthly and added to the REcolorado Learning Center. You can also access it from CONNECT.

Many real estate conferences take place from October to March. Check the Colorado Association of REALTORS®’ website for upcoming events, as well as the National Association of REALTORS®’ website.

Evaluate your metrics

A few months ago, we relaunched REcolorado Listing Metrics. The new and improved tool is still easily accessible from your CONNECT dashboard, but the tool itself has a fresh look and is now more user-friendly than ever. You can use the tool throughout the year to see how your listings are performing across various internet sites and compare the activity on your listings to similar listings. This allows you to effectively monitor the impact of price changes or other updates you’ve made to your listings.

Log in to Listing Metrics to review your numbers for the last few months. Use the data to identify areas of your online marketing strategy you’d like to try switching up.

Review your marketing materials and research new tactics 

Are your current marketing materials up to date? Take a minute to look them over. Additionally, consider reading up on current industry marketing tactics to see what’s working for other professionals.

Reconnect with your loyal contacts

Chances are, you have at least a couple of contacts who often send referrals. Block some time to reconnect with these friends and make sure they know how appreciative you are.

Spend time with family

As a real estate professional, you’re in a constant state of hustle. You take calls and answer emails and texts at all hours of the day because it’s your job.  But your personal life is arguably just as important as your professional life. Use the slow season to catch up on family time. They’ll appreciate it.