5 Relatable Internet Memes That Perfectly Explain Why You Need Listing Metrics

Listing Metrics is a free tool that allows you to easily see how your listings are performing on REcolorado.com, IDX, and syndication sites. We’re relaunching the product next week with several new enhancements, so we hope this communication refreshes your memory on Listing Metrics and its benefits. The new product will have a more streamlined look and feel, and additional functionality, making it more user friendly and informative.

Be on the lookout for our official relaunch annoucement next week! And if you’d like to get a jump on learning the product, reach out to your account manager and schedule a demo today. Additionally, click the button below to view Listing Metrics in 3 Easy Steps.

Listing Metrics in 3 Easy Steps Download

For now, though, allow us to storyboard why we know you’ll love the new Listing Metrics.

1. Raise your hand if your listing presentations usually start like this:

Willy Wonka Real Estate Meme

2. Because you don’t know about Listing Metrics, you shrug your shoulders, give in to your clients’ pricing demands, and act like this:

OK Whatever You Say Meme

3. Then, you wait…and wait…and wait…

Waiting for an offer skeleton meme

4. Then, you discover Listing Metrics and you present your clients with hard data that makes them rethink their pricing strategy. You do everything in your power not to say this:

Best Pricing Resource Meme

5. And finally, you tell every agent you know:

One Does Not Simply Listing Metrics Meme