5 Major Dos and Don’ts of Remine

Remine is a business tool available from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard (in the REcolorado Susbcriber Resources section) that can help you find more inventory.

Technology makes it possible to solve problems efficiently and in an innovative way. Remine is an easier and faster way for you to be productive because it helps you target your marketing efforts. But first, you should learn the tricks of the trade. And, when you’re ready to contact a potential buyer or seller, know that your approach requires a little bit of finesse. Here’s what to do and what to avoid.

Do Get Creative with Remine Filters

There are multiple map filters in Remine and each one helps you discover something different about a specific neighborhood or property. One of the most popular filters in Remine is the Sell Score, and it’s a wealth of information on its own. But, when you combine it with other filters like Ownership Time and Home Equity, you increase the likelihood of getting in front of the right buyer at the right time.

Do Track Properties

A big benefit of Remine is the ability to track information on a property over time. For example, let’s say you’ve been sending quarterly emails to the homeowner of a specific property Remine tagged with a Sell Score of 19 to 24 months. When the Sell Score changes to 13 to 18 months, you’ll receive an alert. That might be your cue to ramp up your direct marketing efforts.

Do Upload Your Contacts

Instead of solely relying on finding new contacts through Remine, upload your current contact list! After all, since they’re your contacts, you already know quite a bit about their homeownership situation. Upload your contacts, take advantage of the additional information Remine can provide, and be ready to reach out when you feel the time is right.

You can upload your contacts in a CSV file via the Track page of the platform. You’ll need names and addresses, but be sure to separate the information into columns. If you run into any issues, contact Remine and they’ll upload the contact list for you.

Don’t Be a Creep

When you’re ready to make contact, keep it casual. Don’t knock on their door and tell them that a really cool predictive analytics tool told you that they wanted to sell their home. If you do that, you’re for sure going to have a bad experience (think: door slamming in your face). Instead, quickly let them know you’re the neighborhood real estate expert and leave them with your contact information and some local market information to digest.

Don’t Expect a Fool-Proof System

Understandably, predicting human behavior isn’t an exact science. For example, just because someone pays down a large chunk of their mortgage, doesn’t necessarily mean they want to sell the property. But, it’s an interesting and noteworthy data point nonetheless. Remine works to combine multiple data points to give you the best picture possible of a where a specific consumer might be on their journey to sell or buy a home.