5 Handy Listing Input Tips

Don’t let listing input get the better of you. These five tips can help you out of a jam. And if you’re really stuck, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Care. They’re happy to help troubleshoot!

1.) When you begin the listing input process, double check the listing input form you’ve selected. 

Once you’ve started, you can’t go back and change property types. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, contact Customer Care. They’ll help you out and give you some information on the ‘Fill From Existing Listing’ option.

2.) Incoming vs. Active – Know the difference between these statuses before beginning your work. 

When your listing is in Incoming status, the ‘Submit Listing’ button will save your work. If your listing is set to Active status, the ‘Submit Listing’ button will make the listing live in the MLS. We recommend using Incoming status until you’re ready to go live.

3.) When using the ‘Fill From Realist’ option, keep in mind that school names can differ slightly between county records and Matrix. 

If you get an error on one of the schools when submitting the listing, try using the dropdown option to select the correct school name from the alphabetical list.

4.) Use the additional map tools besides latitude and longitude. 

If you’re having trouble setting the latitude and longitude, use the additional tools located on the map to help you find the property (i.e. Layers > Parcel Characteristics > Address). Use the auto zoom feature by typing in the address and using the Locate Me button. We recently made the Matrix map more user-friendly. Learn about the updates here.

5.) The style of the home can affect where you enter square footage information. 

If you’re getting an error on square footage, but your math seems to add up, make sure you check the ‘Building’ tab for the style of home you’re entering. For more information on square footage, check out the REcolorado Square Footage Companion.

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