4 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

Your clients and prospects expect timely communication and accurate information from you because it provides validation that you are—or will be—the right real estate professional for the job. There are tons of ways to go above and beyond for your contacts, and here are several REcolorado-specific tools and services that can help you do that.

Accurate CMAs

Take a couple of minutes to read The Value of an Accurate CMA. You’ll set yourself up to be a winner in your client’s book if you make sure your CMA is solid. An accurate CMA ensures you’re pricing your client’s property competitively or ensuring they are making competitive offers. REcolorado Matrix has a built-in CMA platform that guides you through the process. Check out the recorded webinar How to Create a CMA in Matrix.

Listing Metrics Reports

REcolorado Listing Metrics—available right now from your CONNECT dashboard—gives you an in-depth look at how your listing is performing in the MLS, as well as on REcolorado.com, Homesnap, IDX sites, and syndication sites like Nextdoor, Zillow, and Homes.com. The data helps you make informed changes to your listing, if necessary. Plus, you can easily send the information to your client via a weekly Seller’s Report. This helps keep them up to date on the level of online interest in their home. You can learn more about Listing Metrics through the Learn@Lunch Webinar we offer every few months called How Are Your Listings Performing. Click here to sign up. If you don’t see that webinar on the upcoming schedule, be sure to check back periodically. In the meantime, you can watch this quick tutorial video.

Matrix Client Portal

One of the many benefits of Matrix is the clean and easy-to-use Client Portal. It has everything your client needs to find the perfect home, even while they’re on the go. All you need to do is set them up with an auto email from REcolorado Matrix to their existing contact record. The email they receive from you will direct them to their Client Portal where they can easily browse through the listings and mark them as favorites and possibilities, as well as simply discard them. They can set up searches and communicate with you through the Messages tab in the top navigation menu (see screenshot). You can even set up Activity Notifications so you receive an alert when your client visits their portal, as well as adds notes or marks a listing as a favorite, possibility, or discards it.


When you enter your listing into Matrix, it’s automatically added to REcolorado.com—the most popular, locally-run home search site in the state. REcolorado.com receives millions of visitors a month. That means there’s a good chance someone could try to contact you about your listing. If you haven’t already claimed your REcolorado.com profile, now is the time. Start now >>