3 Matrix Updates Happening this Month

REcolorado Matrix is proud to be an MLS platform for brokers, by brokers. As part of our commitment to data integrity, we evaluate and update the MLS system when needed to better serve you, Colorado brokers. Three updates to data and fields will take place later this month – here’s what you need to know.

“Daylight” replaces “Garden” in Basement field

Within the Basement field, the “Garden” option will be replaced with “Daylight” to match the RESO Data Dictionary. Daylight is also the term used by IRES, so this change will help maintain consistent integrated data between the two MLS systems when data is exchanged later this month.

Farm Properties must have 35 Acres

The REcolorado Rules & Regulations Committee adjusted rules around the definition for the Farm Property Type, which states that a Farm property must have 35 acres. Listings entered as under the Farm Property Type that have fewer than 35 acres will be migrated to the appropriate Property Type:

  • Fewer than 35 acres with no structures will be moved to Land Property Type
  • Fewer than 35 acres with a structure, meaning a house or manufactured house, will be moved to Residential Property Type

Stapleton Subdivision moving to Central Park

To improve accuracy, Stapleton will be removed as an option under Subdivision. Any listing with Stapleton selected under Subdivision will be moved to Central Park.

How does this impact my Saved Searches and Auto Emails?

All auto emails and saved searches that include Garden Basement or Stapleton Subdivision will be updated automatically. If you have a saved search or auto email that includes Farm properties with fewer than 35 acres, please adjust the criteria to reflect the type of properties you wish to see based on Property Type definitions. Please review your auto emails and saved searches and make any necessary changes so they continue delivering the highest and best results for your clients.

How will this impact my Listing?

You will receive a separate email from REcolorado if you have a listing that will be impacted by these changes. The fields will be updated automatically, but you can proactively review your listing information before the change to ensure accuracy.

If you have any questions about these changes or how they will impact your saved searches, auto emails, or listings, please contact REcolorado Customer Care at support@REcolorado.com