Your Listing Could Expire on December 31

The end of the year is approaching, which means there are listings in Matrix that are set to expire on December 31. Here’s how to check if your listings will expire and how to update them so they won’t.

Matrix dashboard My Listings widget expiring

It is very common for listings to have expiration dates of 12/31 expiring on 1/1. Fortunately, Matrix makes it easy to check if you have listings that might expire soon. You can review your listings easily on your Matrix Home Dashboard in the My Listings Widget, and edit them from the display view.

Additionally, our Listing Data Checker system will automatically send you courtesy notification emails both 14 days and 7 days prior to your listing’s expiration date.

Don’t forget, if you have a signed amend / extend with your sellers, make certain your listings’ expiration dates match the termination date on your amend/extend, instead of your original listing agreement.

For assistance reviewing your listings and their expiration dates you can contact our Customer Care Team at 303-850-9576, option 1, or