Where Should You Invest Your Marketing Dollars?

While social media is not a new concept, the marketing capabilities of social platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are expanding to meet the needs of a quickly evolving digital marketing landscape. REcolorado.com and Matrix make it easy to share listings to social media.

By Brittany Shur of REAL Trends – content from REAL Trends Newsletter 

Facebook Social Media Pros Cons MarketingFacebook Marketing

Pro: Facebook is the heavy hitter when it comes to social media advertising. Not only is it the platform with the greatest number of users, but also the detailed profile information makes it a great tool to help you connect with your desired audience. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can target your audience geographically—a capability that has expanded since advertising became available through Facebook—or by profile information.  

Con: While Facebook can generate a lot of impressions and higher-than-average click-through rates, the conversion rates from the social media giant seem to fall flat. Most people are using the platform to read their friends updates or interesting articles on their timeline. This can make it a challenge to engage a user. 

Twitter Social Media Pros Cons MarketingTwitter Marketing

Pro: With Twitter, you can use the interest categories to segment to whom your ads are shown. You can also use multiple types of ads using Twitter, such as promoted trends, timeline or profile ads.  

Con: One of the cons to advertising through Twitter is the limited reporting and analytics capabilities when compared to other social media platforms. This can make it difficult to accurately track your ROI and associate a click on your ad with a completed action on your site.  

Pinterest Social Media Pros Cons MarketingPinterest Marketing

Pro: The biggest pro to using Pinterest for your company’s advertising is the ability to raise brand awareness by engaging your audience in a fun and social environment. Using Pinterest, advertisers can access top placements. Furthermore, you can continually target an audience that has shown intent or interest with your advertisement and content.  

Con: Similar to other social platforms, Pinterest has a low conversion rate and may not be the best platform if your overall goal is engagement and lead capture. This platform is best used for brand awareness. Additionally, Pinterest tends to attract more female users which can make it difficult for advertisers to reach a diverse audience.