As a REALTOR®, you know all too well the struggles of balancing business and personal life. This career flaunts the luxury of creating your own schedule, but making plans and spending time with family and friends feels impossible when your real estate business is demanding.

What is, by far, the most demanding and time-intensive real estate job duty? Showing homes.

Imagine driving to a family party with your wife in the passenger seat next to you and baby sleeping in the back. You haven’t seen your extended family in months and there is a lot of anticipation leading up to spending the day with them. As you pull up to your destination, you get a text from your clients. They are buyers in a very difficult price point and have had a difficult time going under contract. Their “dream home” popped up on their portal and they need to see it immediately. What do you do?

Out of this exact situation, SHOW was created.

As our co-founder was racing back to his family party after showing a home to his buyers he knew there had to be an easier way. He committed to creating a platform that allows you to bypass that very difficult decision.

SHOW is an on-demand real estate app that allows Colorado agents to hire other licensed agents to assist in showing homes. At SHOW, we thrive to create a culture of community, maintain excellent, personable customer service, while providing a dynamic, simple to use real estate platform that will genuinely enhance the businesses of experienced and new agents alike.

The functionality is simple. Log onto the app as a hiring broker and input the appropriate information, submit the showing, and get notified when another licensed agent picks it up. Your showing assistant will meet your client at the property, allow them to tour the property, and give you feedback once the showing has concluded.

Interested in joining the SHOW community? It is completely free to sign up and create a profile. All agents on the platform are required to give their real estate license. Their license will be cross-referenced to the Active Licensees listed on DORA to ensure all agents are authentic. 

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