Need Help Navigating Matrix on Your Mac? REcolorado Customer Care Can Help

Whether you use a Mac or PC, you could study for days and still not be familiar with all the ways to efficiently navigate the nuances of your device, especially within your internet browser. In an ongoing effort to provide both PC and Mac users the best possible technical assistance, REcolorado Customer Care now has a representative who is professionally trained in all things Mac.

Before you get frustrated or spend too much time searching for an answer, contact Customer Care. Our friendly representatives will put you in touch with our Mac specialist to help troubleshoot the problem.

Sometimes, the problem may require you to clear your cookies or your browsing history. We recommend keeping these two articles in your back pocket:

Safari for Mac: Manage Cookies and Website Data

Safari for Mac: Clear Your Safari Browsing History

And if you’re simply new to the Mac world and you’re looking for a helpful guide, bookmark this page:

Mac Tips for Windows switchers

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