Introducing RateMyAgent

Today we’re proud to add RateMyAgent to the tools and services included in your REcolorado subscription!  You can now activate your free RateMyAgent profile simply by clicking the button on your CONNECT Dashboard (find it under Product Quick Access) or by using this link.

RateMyAgent allows you to request and collect verified reviews linked to your listings using MLS data. Plus, you can pull existing reviews under one roof to create a comprehensive view of your work. You even get exclusive access to a few Digital Pro features for free!

So how do you use RateMyAgent?

RateMyAgent is a digital marketing platform built for great agents to harness the power of verified reviews to validate, differentiate, and grow business. From the Basic profile that allows agents to bring all their existing and future reviews together to create a complete view, to the robust Digital Pro subscription that brings those well-earned reviews to life.

  • Start by claiming and activating your profile.
  • Request your first review tied to one of your transactions
  • Share your reviews across all major digital platforms

Activate your profile now and request your first verified review. Click below to get started:

Learn How to Use RateMyAgent

First, claim your free RateMyAgent profile, and let your reviews start working for you. Check out this 30 second video for an overview.

To see the platform at work, register for a RateMyAgent training session on December 10 or 15.

Register >>

You can also visit the RateMyAgent How To Channel to see on-demand videos to help you get started, or join a daily virtual webinar.

REcolorado & RateMyAgent Resources >>

RateMyAgent How To Videos >>

Daily Virtual Training Webinars >>

Why Use RateMyAgent?

It’s time to leverage what you’ve done to get more business and keep the pipeline full.

The why it matters is simple: 97% of home searches start online, so it’s critical to own your digital presence. We know that most brokers aren’t digital marketers, so RateMyAgent leverages the excellent customer experiences you’ve already created to validate and differentiate you online. Think digital word of mouth marketing.

Blow the dust off the reviews you already have and put them to work! If you’re like most brokers, you have a few reviews here, there, and everywhere, but the power lies in pulling them together to showcase a more complete view of what it’s like to work with you. RateMyAgent can help you do this easily.

Claim your RateMyAgent Profile

To get started, simply log in to your CONNECT Profile, look to the Product Quick Access section, and click the new RateMyAgent button. The first time you use this link, you’ll be prompted to set up and claim your free profile. The next time you click this button, you’ll automatically log in to your RateMyAgent account.

If you missed it, watch the kick off party or virtual training sessions to learn exactly how to use your free profile and showcase your reputation.