Easily Access Cloud CMA, and New Products Cloud Streams and Cloud MLX from CONNECT

Good news! Cloud Streams and Cloud MLX have joined Cloud CMA on the Product Quick Access section of your CONNECT dashboard. This means if you use any of these Cloud Agent Suite tools, you’ll now be able to bypass the login screen and be taken directly to the homepage of your account. 

Cloud Stream Cloud MLX CONNECT Dashboard REcolorado





REcolorado is committed to providing you a wide range of supplemental products and services so you can choose what works for you. This includes the Cloud Agent Suite. Here’s a little about each tool.

Cloud CMA Generate Quick CMA







Create Quick CMA Reports Cloud CMA

In today’s Colorado real estate market, it’s nice to be able to quickly generate CMA reports for your clients. With Cloud CMA, you can have a client-ready report in hand within minutes. To learn more about Cloud CMA, sign up for a webinar. 

 Cloud Streams Listing Alerts Fast








Cloud Steams Listing Alerts

When you and your buyer are the first to know when new or updated listings hit the market, you both win. Cloud Steams gives you speedy listing alerts. To learn more about Cloud Streams, sign up for a webinar. 









Cloud MLX Search MLS

With Cloud MLX, you can search through MLS listings. Simply start typing and let smart autocomplete show you results.  Additionally, you can share your listing data with your clients, chat with other agents using Cloud MLX, and connect with other Cloud Agent Suite products like Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams.